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Akita Prefectural Museum was opened in 1975. The museum features six exhibition halls. At a branch of the museum located at a separate location, the former Nara Family Residence is also open to be viewed by the public. We exhibit many articles that we have gathered related to Akita’s history, nature, culture, people, and more.

Civilization Exhibition Room


This hall introduces the history of Akita and the lives of the people who lived here from the Paleolithic period to the modern period. You can experience the living atmosphere of different periods by entering a reconstructed pit dwelling of the Jomon Period, and a reconstructed merchant house of the Edo Period. This exhibition displays many actual articles of great importance and explains Akita’s history in an easy to understand manner.

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Nature Exhibition Room


This exhibition hall introduces Akita’s abundant nature. One can experience the awesomeness of nature through the overwhelming number of specimens. These include those that have been sealed in acrylic in the appearance they had when alive, as well as stuffed specimens, skeletons of large animals, fossils, rocks, and much more.

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Akita Pioneer Commemoration Room


This hall introduces the accomplishments, stories, and mementos of 152 of Akita’s pioneers who were active in their respective fields in the modern era.
The hall comes equipped with a computer where you can search for information about the pioneers. For those who want to gain an even deeper understanding of the pioneers, the hall also has a room with reference materials and survey records.

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SUGAE Masumi Materials Center


SUGAE Masumi lived in Akita for a little more than 25 years during the late Edo period, recording nature as well as the lives of the people. Through gathering together the materials and records he left behind, this center was constructed for the purpose of studying about SUGAE Masumi.
This center has a permanent exhibit room that introduces Masumi’s travels through images. It also has reproductions of his materials, a study room equipped with reference materials and DVDs, and a research room.

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Exciting Exploration Room


In the Exciting Exploration Room, you can learn through experience by doing activities with the many items. In the workshop, you can make fossil replicas or clay figurines, or experience fold dyeing. Everyone from children to adults can enjoy a broad range of items and experiences in this room.

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Former Nara Family Residence
A branch of Akita Prefectural Museum


This former residence of the Nara family, built in the mid Edo period, is located in the Koizumi district, 1 kilometer away from the museum’s main facilities. The period of construction is apparent from the architecture and displays many characteristics of that time period. In Showa 40 (1965), it was designated as a national important cultural property. In addition, the annexes on the grounds that were built from the Meiji period to the Taisho period have also been preserved. These annexes were designated collectively as a registered tangible cultural property in Heisei 18 (2006).

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9:30 – 16:30 (April 1 – Oct 31)
9:30 – 16:00 (Nov 1 – Mar 31)

Days closed

Closed every Monday (if a Monday coincides with a holiday, then the museum is closed on the following weekday). Also closed during fumigation periods, and the New Year’s holidays.


Free admission(excluding special exhibitions)

For groups of over 20 people, please contact the museum prior to your visit.


52 Ushiroyama, Niosaki-aza, Kanaashi, Akita City

By train

20-minute walk from Oiwake Station on the JR Oga Line or the Ou Main Line (15 minutes from Akita Station).
Taxis are available from the station.

By car

Approximately 15 kilometers (30 minutes) from Akita City on National Highway 7 or Prefectural Highway 41.

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